Chair group „Agriculture and Food Economics“

Welcome to the homepage of the chair group Agriculture and Food Economics at the Center of Life and Food Sciences Weihenstephan.

The research fields of the chair group are

  • sustainable food production along the value chain: Research – Production – Consumption; and

  • the contribution of the bioeconomy and the agricultural sector in particular to sustainable development.

A major research focus is the analysis of regulations and their contributions to sustainable development from a positive (How do regulations effect …?) as well as a normative (How should regulations for … look like?) perspective.

Research methods applied use tools that explicitly consider irreversibilities and uncertainties.

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The chair's courses contribute to curriculum in the BSc Agrarwissenschaften und Gartenbauwissenschaften, BSc Brauwesen und Getränketechnologies, dem MSc Agrarwissenschaften und dem MSc Sustainable Resource Management and (new) Life Science Economics and Policy (M.Sc.)


 Due to the many holidays in the winter term 2014/15 and lecture free days (e.g. during „Exkursionswoche“), please also log in every time you want to visit our lectures into your TUM Online Account under and visit the lecture/s you booked for the actual semester or search for e.g. „Einführung in die Agrarökonomie 1“, then click on the S-link and you will get all the latest information of referring time and space.


Please also note that the course No. 1343 Einführung in die Agrarökonomie 2, is being complemented by the lecture No. 1344 Einführung in die Agrarökonomie 1 of our department this summer term.